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June 3, 2018

Dear Patients and Colleagues:

Having been on sabbatical for a while, I have made a decision to move out of the Bay Area to the countryside near Eugene, Oregon. I will not be returning to join Verity, who took over my practice at 1800 Sullivan Ave. I regret not being able to say goodbye to everyone, but after much soul searching, I decided to make this move and create new adventures in a new location. T-Ball and I look forward to being in nature!

For patients, I hope your transition to a new provider has been smooth and know that I will miss you all. For my colleagues, I appreciate all your kindness and support over the last 25 years for both me and my patients. For my former employees, thank you for all you did to make my practice the success and joy that it was.

Please carry on in good health and happiness. If you feel inclined to drop me a social email, I will do my best to respond. (My malpractice insurance is turned off for now so I cannot give medical advice.) My email for a while longer will be JWWilsonMD@aol.com.

All the best - with gratitude,
John W. Wilson, MD

Dr. Wilson has
relocated to Oregon
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